Join {me} at West Elm on December 1st

I'm so completely thrilled to be a part of the West Elm + Etsy Handmade Holiday Workshop and Mini-Market on Thursday, December 1st from 6 to 9pm at the Charlotte, NC West Elm store. I'm offering all my designs at 10% off, including custom orders, at the event. It's going to be so much fun selling my pieces along side these four Charlotte Etsy artists...

Here's a link to the national event on Facebook so you can add it to your holiday calendar.

Ever since I found out I was picked to sell my designs at the West Elm + Etsy Handmade Holiday Mini-market, I've been working on capturing my design process using stop-motion photography so I could make this fun little clip. I gave you a sneak peek last week, and now I've finally pieced it all together! From painting the screen, carving the block, and cutting the fabric to the printing and the sewing, I've captured hours of my design process in thousands of photographs and boiled it down to one minute. I even included three of the four incredible Etsy artists who will be selling their designs at West Elm event in the clip. I hope you enjoy watching the whole design process!!



If you don't live Charlotte, you can attend the Handmade Holiday event at your local West Elm store (if you have one in your city). It's a national event, but it's organized to promote local Etsy artists and support community charities.  

See a full list of all the fabulous Etsy shops selling their handmade items at one of 37 West Elm stores.





autumn pillow cover collection is now available

I've loaded the first batch of pillow covers from my autumn pillow cover collection into the shop. I have many more pillow covers to add over the next few keep checking back for new colors.

I screen printed the autumn pillow cover collection by hand in shimmering metallic gold, silvers and warm earth tones. I've also brought in a new hemp silk fabric as a glamorous contrast to the more textured hemp fabric. Each pillow cover is screen printed on sustainably grown hemp with planet and people friendly inks {as always}.

The collection has six different patterns, or personalities, that all get along really well together. There's Zizi, Mimi, Phyllis Ann, Bertha, Aya and Dottie. Which pattern personality are you like? 

Zizi:  Zizi is lighthearted, smart and lover of change. A fun, modern and bold zig-zag’d zig-zag pattern.
Aya: Aya is sensual, generous and thrives on routine. A Moroccan-inspired pattern {created from one of my hand carved lino-block designs} that offers a traditional and timeless feel with a touch of exotic glamour. 
Dottie: Dottie is spontaneous, adventurous and doesn’t take life so seriously. A modern, playful and casual dot pattern. 
Bertha: Bertha is assertive, sturdy and confident. A pattern with wide and curvy horizontal stripes. 
Mimi: Mimi is thoughtful, introspective and unconventional at times. A Moroccan-inspired scallop design that expands.
Phyllis Ann: Phyllis Ann is classic, beautiful and giving. A delicate botanical pattern inspired by the leaves of an Easter lily. {named after my amazing mother!}


These new coordinating patterns are available in shades of metallic gold, silver, terra cotta, black and brown. The patterns are printed on 100% hemp linen and hemp canvas in taupe or off-white in two different sizes...20 x 20" square, or 12 x 21" lumbar. I'm happy to create a custom piece for you - all the patterns, sizes and colors are interchangeable.  


Please swing by the shop and share your favorites with your friends! 




some new personalities in the studio...

Get excited...the Autumn Pillow Cover Collection will be available on October 27th. Here's a full preview just for you. 

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