tile around this beach town

I run and walk the Strand nearly every day. On one side there's the beach and expansive Pacific, and on the other, beautiful million dollar homes. This makes running very entertaining. I've noticed myself being drawn to painted terra cotta tile - probably because I've spent so much time browsing gorgeous tile at Filmore Clark Tile Studio. I love the way the beach houses use colorful terra cotta tile on the outdoor stair risers. A few of them stopped me in my tracks. These were too fabulous to pass by without snapping a photo. 



beach house remodel. the tile.

Hi friends, sharing some of the finishes I've selected for the house. First, this incredible, marvelous, devilishly handsome geometric tile - hand painted terra cotta from LA's Native Tile. The moment I walked into Filmore Clark, I knew this was perfect for our first floor powder room. Done. 

Now onto the master bath backsplash, also from Filmore Clark. It's from Pratt & Larson, handmade in Portland, Oregon. How about this indigo wash? Perfect for our beachy modern bathroom. 

Now onto the guest bath. I thought I was over marble, after I slathered it all over our historic Philly house. Alas no, no way. I came across a slab of skyline marble with these dramatic gold streaks throughout and asked it to live in my guest bath. We agreed to use it as the bathtub surround and as the countertop for the vanity. 

The shower wall and floor tiles I kept very simple. I wanted the lease amount of grout as possible. I used 32x32" natural quartz tiles on the floors and 12x24" white ceramic on the walls. 

Below is the sample along side a sample of Skyline Marble tile.



west coast. best coast. 

California life was calling. So we moved, found a great spot walking distance to the ocean, and are renovating yet another house. Now we're close to friends and family - who were always thousands of miles away when we lived on the East Coast. We're focused on health, balance (on and off the surf board), and family.  


studio mood: blush + natural


farewell to summer

After another memorable summer at the ponocos lakehouse, today I found myself gathering bits of the season from around the yard. It started with the lavender I planted by the lake last year, and by the time I was done, I was scraping the bright green moss that grows along the rocks and tree roots. Summers are short in the Pocono plateau region so I felt inspired to catalog these beauties. 

Birch bark, lavender flower, goldenrod, bracken (fern), hemlock, spruce, moss, weeping Alaskan cedar, and a few others I can't identify.