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Before & Progress Photos: The Office

While the planning continues for our kitchen and bathroom renovations, there are a few smaller projects in our new Philadelphia home that we're finishing up this week. One of those projects is my husband's office. So it's time to share some 'before' and 'progress' photos! I'll share the 'after' photos once it's all put together. 

The office has a lovely fireplace {one of seven in the house} with recessed walls on both sides. Whenever I see recessed walls, I think "bookshelves!" There's nothing better in an office or living space than a wall of book, don't you think? And we have a lot of books. 

I wasn't a fan of the fireplace mantle - the color of the wood and the style didn't fit the aesthetic I had in mind for the office. We removed the wood mantle and the surround {it's now in our painter's new home}, and painted the room in "Abalone" - Benjamin Moore's Natura color. Then we had eight floating wood shelves built and washed in a light ash stain. I can't wait to add our books to the new shelves! 


I'm pulling together an idea board for the office's furnishings and decor - mostly using the pieces we already have. Part of our larger renovation includes refinishing all the heart pine wood floors in a darker color - removing a lot of the orange tone. One odd thing about this office is that there's no overhead light - so we'll definitely have to install new lighting. 




Studio Space: Attic or Basement?

Context is everything. Especially when it comes to space planning and interior design - for me, at least. I've never been one of those lucky people who can visualize a space in my mind, and make design decisions about it. I have to be standing in a space in order to design it. Case in point: My studio.

If you recall, my first post about our new home in Philadelphia mentions placing my studio in the basement where there's a separate entrance from the front of the house, a utility sink and lots of built-in storage. Perfect, right? I thought it was perfect until my husband floated the idea of moving my studio to the fourth floor. So after spending a few days in the house, I've changed my mind. I'd love to get your opinion...even though I'm sure you'll agree with me!


DIY: Hand-Painted Hemp Covered Pin Board

Today I made a fabric-covered pin board for my niece's college dorm room. She has a large blank space over her lofted bed. So I promised her I'd make her a dual purpose headboard, and I took some photos of my project along the way to make this little DIY.

First, I painted a branch and berry design similar to a pattern on my niece's quilted bedspread on a large piece of gold hemp fabric. Then I wrapped the quilting fabric around the front of bulletin board and stapled it along the back, trimming the extra and mitering the corners. After I ironed the painted fabric, I wrapped and stapled it around the board and quilting the same way. That's it! It only took me a few hours {including drying time} and then I delivered it to my niece in her dorm room. Of course I forgot the supplies to hang the pin board, but I took a few photos of it in her dorm room anyway. I think her dorm room is super cute!


On the Hunt for Bookshelves

Yesterday after much discussion, I agreed to let my husband turn our spare bedroom into a library or "man room". Here's the catch...the room still needs to function as a guest bedroom when we have guests, and he'll need to relinquish his "man room" once we have a baby {hopefully sometime soon!}

So, we moved our love seat with a pull out bed from my downstairs studio to the upstairs guest bedroom to start. Then we moved an antique desk and hutch from the guest bedroom downstairs into my studio - finally more storage for my fabric and supplies. Swap-a-roo. I also took over my husband's "assigned" book cabinet in my studio for my fabric. He happily cleaned out his cabinet knowing he'd soon place them in his new "man room."

After all that, I'm just beginning my search for two bookshelves for the newly created reading/ "man room". We have five boxes of books waiting for a new home. I normally prefer built-in bookshelves. But since the room is already fairly small and it might become a nursery soon {hopefully}, I'm looking for freestanding bookshelves. I hope to find something vintage while thrifting this weekend. Until then, I did a quick search to find some bookshelf styles that tickle my fancy.  Which is your favorite? Do you have any other suggestions for me?

West Elm's distressed wood shelving unit
Restoration Hardware's Vintage Industrial Bookcase

Ikea's Hemnes Storage 

Crate & Barrel's Ainsworth Walnut Cabinet with glass


My Fabric Ladder

Remember the heavy, grey-washed wood ladder my brother-in-law found on the side of the road for me? I placed it up against the wall in my studio/sewing/office/craft room to create some vertical storage for my hemp and organic cotton fabrics. Last weekend, after a good cleaning, I hung the fabrics on the ladder, and I'm so happy with the outcome. I love being able to see all of the different fabric colors and textures in one place - so accessible.

Before: vintage wood ladder without fabric