A big move

I've got huge news...we are moving to Philadelphia next month! If all goes as planned, we'll live in a 200 year old Federal style row house with a some hefty renovations ahead of us.
My new studio is going to be much bigger with a huge printing table so I can print yardage. 
I'm so excited to live in the city! The dogs will love the nearby park and our little courtyard. I can't wait to share more photos of our new home with you in April. 
The entrance to our new home {200 years old}!The center city is very bike-friendly, and of course, super walkable!

this pillow is on the Nate Berkus Show today

My block-printed lumbar pillow cover will be on the Nate Berkus Show today! This was one of the very first hand block-printed pillow covers I ever printed. I carved one single 'Aya' shape and block printed my way over the hemp fabric.The design was the inspiration for the screen printed Aya design from my Autumn 2011 collection. With humble beginnings, this little pillow has now graced the set of Nate's stage

Take a look at my newest designs in my Spring 2012 Collection! They'll be available to purchase on Etsy this week, and will ship on March 16. 


Hand block printed Aya in brown on hemp



Spring 2012 Collection



Crush: Ariele Alasko

I've found another shop that has left me with a mucho design crush {and honestly, a total girl crush}. Recently featured on Jen Causey's The Makers Project, Ariele Alasko is a woodworker, designer, and dumpster-diving goddess.

It's hard not to feature her entire blog in this post because Ariele is so interesting, adventurous and creative. After obsessively reading her blog, Brooklyn to West, and drooling over her salvaged wood creations, I found that she also reveals a soft, feminine side - like when she shares her impressive baking achievements.  How am I supposed to choose what to share with you??? Just go over to her blog and see it all for yourself...{just don't buy that cutting board I featured below because I want it}

One of Ariele's most remarkable projects was in 2011 when she custom built every inch of a restaurant in California with salvaged materials. It's truly a touching story and journey - read all about it here on her about me page. Her talent {and energy} are mind-blowing. I'm so impressed and obviously developing a serious crush on her designs.
How beautiful are these reclaimed wood tables? Seriously, I can't contain my joy!
Photo: Ariele Alasko. Table made from salvaged oak flooring from a Brooklyn brownstone
Photo: Ariele Alasko. Table made from salvaged oak flooring from a Brooklyn brownstonePhoto: Ariele Alasko. Table top made from Salvaged oak flooringPhoto: Ariele Alasko. Wall made from eucalyptus leaves. Yes, that's right.Photo: Ariele Alasko. Even her tools are handsome. Love the handles.Photo: Ariele Alasko. Floorboard Cheeseboards made from antique pine flooring
Photo: Ariele Alasko. See, I told you she bakes pretty sweets.

This Pretty Vintage Napkin Becomes...

Happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful week. I sure did! If you don't know her already from my blog posts, I'm happy to introduce you to my friend Beth of Harmonie Park.  Beth sells hip vintage finds on Etsy {one of my favorite shops!} and blogs about design and fashion with her husband over here at Je Voudrais Que. I've featured her items many times on the blog, including this adorable set of vintage napkins. I've featured those pretty vintage napkins on this room board, and this one
So get this...last year Beth GAVE me one of those beautiful vintage napkins from her shop! Isn't that the sweetest gesture? She's just thoughtful like that. She shipped the pretty bird napkin to me with a note saying something like, "I'm sure you'll create something special with this napkin." {Totally paraphrasing here} 
And finally, I did create something special with her napkin...I turned it into a large pocket on this white linen apron. 
I made the apron out of white linen specifically for the cute little napkin - the whites match perfectly. I still need to add the ties that go around the waist, and I was thinking of using this vintage ribbon in royal blue. The ribbon will match the blue floral and bird design on the pocket, and will be a playful and pretty finishing touch. 
In the photo of my studio below, Beth ALSO made me that {me}longings shrinky dink- sending it along with an item I bought from her shop. She's so nice! 
Photo Credit: Beth from Harmonie Park, Pretty Bird Vintage Napkins

These Branches are Blooming

Last week I placed a vase of full of forsythia branches on the dining room bar cart. And now, just a few days later, gorgeous and exhilarating color has forced its way through the bare branches. The wispy yellow flowers are so beautiful and much appreciated. It's like smiling into sunshine.