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Pendant Party

I'm breaking free and taking control of the less-than-chic lighting in my home! I'm removing a ceiling fan in the spare bedroom and a traditional light fixture in my studio, and replacing them with modern pendant lights. So I'm on a hunt for affordable pendant light fixtures.

I did some major organizing and consolidating in my studio today - it feels so good! I moved a work table into my studio and placed it in the center of the room  -  similar to The Vintage Cabin's office space in the photo below. It's an amazing transformation - see it all on her blog.

I can't wait to replace the existing light fixture over the work table with a more modern pendant. Here are some of the pendant light styles I'm considering. Do you have any favorites to share with me?

New Work Table

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Well, I have a real weakness for hand blown glass anything, particularly pendants, especially with clean lines. I've always wanted something like these pretty icicle types over my kitchen island (http://www.ylighting.com/hs277.html).

I'm praying like crazy that your blog doesn't think I'm a bot or something because of the link! LOL :)

Of the ones you're considering here, the second one and the last one over the table both speak to me. But they're all pretty nice!

Monday, September 5 | Unregistered CommenterStephe Thornton

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