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Kitchen Confessions

I don't like the feeling of being dissatisfied when I know I'm blessed with so much - so much beauty and quality. However, I'm so affected by my surroundings. The aesthetic of a space can make me happy, motivated or stunted - especially when the space is in my home. Do you have a room in your home that is fine, in a conventional way, but it's just not you?

Today's post is about my ideal kitchen - even though I feel guilty admitting I don't like my conventionally beautiful kitchen. When we moved into our home I was blown away by our new kitchen. It was fancy, fancy, fancy. Granite countertops, island with seating and built-in storage and microwave, pot filler faucet over the range, wood floors, custom cabinets, soft-close drawers, six burner cooktop and convection oven. It was shiny and new, and so much better than what I was used to in my little 1940's cottage kitchen with a very vintage stove and white Formica countertops. Now I find myself leaning once again to a simple, white kitchen.

Here are my three confessions about my kitchen {and what I really want in my dream kitchen}

Confession no. 1
I don't like my granite countertops, or granite countertops in general. GASP! There, I said it!
I like concrete, wood or marble countertops.

Confession no. 2
I don't like raised panel cabinets in highly finished faux stains and paint. I like simple flat white cabinets.

Confession no. 3
I like open shelves rather than upper cabinets.

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Reader Comments (4)

You just hit right on the spot! All the photos (and guilty desires) you posted are simply wonderful! I'd definitely go for white and a wooden (or concrete maybe) countertop! I wish you someday you can cook wonders in such a kitchen! xoxo

Thursday, September 1 | Unregistered CommenterEleni

We are sooo similar :) Love Love Love open shelving.... See some of my kitchen inspriation on pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pureinspired/kitchen-inspiration/

Thursday, September 1 | Unregistered CommenterSamantha Cobos Allied ASID, LE

Thanks, Eleni and Samantha! We all have the same dream kitchen style! Loving your kitchen inspiration board, Samantha!

Thursday, September 1 | Unregistered CommenterChanee Vijay

The only granite I like is honed. And I am so with you on the concrete and wood, Chanee.

No matter what major counter surface I do decide on in my dream kitchen one day, I know I want to supplement that with a little butcher block somewhere.

Here's to hoping you go for your dream kitchen! :D

Monday, September 5 | Unregistered CommenterStephe Thornton

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