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DIY: Hand-Painted Hemp Covered Pin Board

Today I made a fabric-covered pin board for my niece's college dorm room. She has a large blank space over her lofted bed. So I promised her I'd make her a dual purpose headboard, and I took some photos of my project along the way to make this little DIY.

First, I painted a branch and berry design similar to a pattern on my niece's quilted bedspread on a large piece of gold hemp fabric. Then I wrapped the quilting fabric around the front of bulletin board and stapled it along the back, trimming the extra and mitering the corners. After I ironed the painted fabric, I wrapped and stapled it around the board and quilting the same way. That's it! It only took me a few hours {including drying time} and then I delivered it to my niece in her dorm room. Of course I forgot the supplies to hang the pin board, but I took a few photos of it in her dorm room anyway. I think her dorm room is super cute!

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That looks really good!

Monday, October 10 | Unregistered CommenterStudioK

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